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How to Choose The Desired Magento Developer from India

India is known as the next Silicon Valley. The much of this anecdote goes to the new generation of promising entrepreneurs, introducing themselves with more zest and efficiency, in sizable numbers! Every other day, there’s one inspirational story that talks about a wonderful story of setting up a new brand or launching a product or app. It has been recorded that almost 65% of these stories are regarding ecommerce business initiation. Most of them are entirely homespun in India!

eCommerce and Magento: The Perfect Union

There are multiple reasons behind the popularity of ecommerce in India; the prime factor attributing to this fact is the huge online customer base of India. With such a ripe market India is expected to touch the pinnacle point of $100 billion internet GDP by 2015. In all these movements Magento has been the most active component in global and Indian ecommerce market development. Magento has been behind all the names big and small!


Magento Development in India: A Peek at the Stats

The pursuit for being the best in ecommerce made ebay offer Magento $180 million dollar in the year 2011 and eventually they successfully took over the brand. This simple fact tells how big this platform’s name is.  Globally Magento has more than 400 solution partner. Out of 1500 businessmen 84% believes that hiring online Magento developer is more beneficial to give a fight to competitor  and 73% looks for professional firm or professionals online (Data source: This factor puts India in a much advantageous situation as 169 certified Magento developers hail from this country. This is the basic instigating factor for more clients outsourcing their project to India. Along with this flexible delivery model and cost-effective consultancy makes a brighter impression.


What is to look for while hiring Magento programmer from India?

There are some basic points looking over which one can be rest assured of getting the finest team onboard for his project from India. Those are discussed below for the help of entrepreneurs looking to carve their name in ecommerce industry.

  1. Look for a Magento partner:  When you decide to do the screening of potential firm from whom you are planning to hire developer of Magento, make sure to check whether they are Magento partner.  This can be checked by going into the official website of Magento and looking over the list of companies in partnership with them. Only a genuine firm with this badge of excellence will be able to deliver you finest support. With them you are in a comfortable position to make choice between wide array of extensions, plug-in and customization.
  2. Portfolio matters: When you hire someone with you organizational asset make sure to check whether they have the quality of deliver for the same. Magento developers India have pleasant surprise for you as they have been operational in this domain for quite a handsome amount of time and have made many portals with success.
  3. Certified Magento Developer: Globally 56 countries have certified Magento developers whose total sum is 1046 at the beginning of 2014, in the top spot lies India with a number of 169.

Ensuring the presence of top three points in your hired company must put you in the shoe of a relaxed client. Look for an experienced and skilled team of people who can render comprehensive solution. You won’t get hurt!

What is The Best Design for your Magento Website?

The ability of being precise and quality-conscious impresses all. These two features are a must of businesses like ecommerce that deal in people engagement. A Magento-based ecommerce website also needs to look good and work seamlessly well to stay in front of the competition – al despite of its oh-so-wonderful list of features. The question is ‘how’? How to make a Magento-based ecommerce site look and work well?

Looking Good While Working Well !

Ecommerce is all about making the right impact in the mind of customers and engraving a sense of trust. Magento has been authority with more than 125000 branded houses using their platform for online business. But, quite often people tend to be more inclined over the development benefits it offer and ignore the design flexibility. Business though need a strong operational infrastructure is benefited with a pleasant presence. This is very much true from the point of view of a user as it has been seen that site’s with more appealing design retains more customer even if the functionality is on a little lower side. Overall there are more than 6400 plus Magento extensions available in the store out of which 40% are meant for design tweaking. This proves the fact how much emphasis is given by Magento Authority regarding the design part.

Magento Growth

A good design firm must think about following the steps

Site with higher conversion rates have certain attributes that might be discussed here for a better understating of the whole scenario of an ecommerce business operation. Much of the primary planning comprises of aesthetic and usability of the part as peoples who are expected to make purchase from there are not technical persons and so the design has to be simple to everyone. Without sacrificing the functionality part creating such a powerful portal is often a challenge. Magento website design India firm follows a systematic approach for crafting the whole plot and through them most of the big names of ecommerce industry has been benefited. Primarily the emphasis stays over planning, understanding the market, target audience behavior study, cross platform planning, information architecture finalization and brand DNA establishment.

Every firm has certain way of implementing the ecommerce specific design with Magento as the base. Being an entrepreneur one must be aware of the basic steps which must be followed while in any Magento ecommerce portal design process. Following are those:

Gathering Creative Brief: This is the stage where most of the questions are asked to the store owner for understanding his vision and taste about the businesses online look. The more you stay in touch with the designing team better it is for you.

  • Competition analysis: Following someone bluntly is simply blunt, but one needs to make sure to check out the standards that their competitors have set already in the same field.
  • Finalizing Information Architecture: The information architecture is the first thing towards real time design planning. Here all the user journey path and doors for various prime places of the portal is finalized.
  • Wireframing: Based on Information architecture the wireframes are created by UI designers.
  • Design: With the finalized wireframes the design of every web page initiates in this stage keeping in mind the creative brief of client.
  • Responsive Design: Today nothing is meant of one platform, and mobile is the one thing that one must keep a note on while doing business in ecommerce as 69% of the global internet users are now browse through mobile for online shopping.
  • Final Testing: This is the phase where the web design is tested from usability point of view and the HTML rendered version is checked for browser compatibility along with cross platform testing.

All these above steps following ensure a fine eComerce portal design based on Magento. And if someone looks for more extensions are always there to add to the magic.

Top 5 tips for How to Manage your Outsource Magento Website Development

There are certain elements that entice the impressing bud of an entrepreneur. The foremost is blend of cost-effectiveness and technical completeness. Magento is considered prime choice as it offers them both in the most flexible way desired. In the process of developing one’s ecommerce portal the next thing that comes in mind is development base. This ignites the desire of going ahead with outsourcing as it offers cost-efficiency and quality simultaneously. Managing a business with a base in another location is quite easy, in contrast to outsourcing a project and keeping a note over the whole development from your location. In such a situation there are certain factors which need to be taken care of for ensuring a fruitful long-term relationship between the hiring and hired firm.

In the negotiation phase the points that need to be finalized for smooth running of outsourced project are to be finalized and put in the service agreement. Among various outsourcing hubs the IT firms from India practices all the points which ensure strong client relationship complying outsourcing global standards.  This makes Expert Magento Development Company India one of the most coveted one in the globe.  Another major aspect that needs to be highlighted here is that in the begging of 2014 as per Inchoo India has the highest number of certified Magento developers. This makes the choice easier for the entrepreneurs as they are now not only getting cost-effective solutions, but also from the best of the niche.


Here are few tips shared for making the management of Magento outsource project easy for entrepreneurs. Following these not just enriches the bonding between hired and hiring agency, but also keeps the process transparent. This results in a successful project delivery and a long relationship building based on trust of quality and commitment.

1.Introduce the key management workforce of both ends:
One needs to make sure that both ends team managers and leaders are properly introduced and connected to each other. This makes the research stage fruitful and the collaboration goes a long way. Often it has been observed that teams with peer spirit delivers much better in outsourcing model. Thus, the key members of both end need to be introduced and there should be one contact point for keeping off any kind of project related confusion. By employing this managing of the project gets done hierarchy basis and much of your load is offloaded.  In an ecommerce project based on Magento that needs heavy team interaction, this one is must.

2. Define Project Milestone and Deliverable:
In any outsourcing project the milestones and delivery pipelines should be defined on the very beginning and put in contract. Customer must be able to tally deliveries on each stage of the project according to the contract. This puts the customer or entrepreneur in controlling mode and the vendor is totally answerable to him if something goes out of the plan.  This way whole customer satisfaction graph can be measured and the outsourcing team can also judge their competence of delivery as per contract. Thus, for both end this is a must note point as following this no one can raise finger on another saying that this had to be done or this was not supposed to be done, etc.

3. Routine Evaluation Meeting:
Often it is seen that cheap companies offering outsourcing services does not give proper update to the client leading to a frustrating atmosphere.  This not just leads to a sour relationship between the vendor and client, but also affects the project schedule. To avoid such scenario regular meetings needs to be held keeping both sides’ team members for reviewing the status of the project. This ensures solving any lagging situation and makes the process faster.

4. Keep them on Toes:
It is often been observed that giving benefits in the form of prize or party for an achievement boosts the moral of the team and they deliver more sharply adding value to your project. In a similar way you need to be strict with punishments for those who are under performing. This keeps the team on their toe all the time and with a competitive space people tries to give their best.

5. Try being Local:
This point is a little different but is very much vital if you are outsourcing to India. One must respect the local culture and festivities and try to bridge a relationship with them in their festivities.  Celebrating local festivals and giving gifts encourages the team to get more bonded with you and as a result offer more of them. This makes you understand them better and hence working together becomes a little easier.

There are no hard-and-fast rules towards ensuring success of an endeavor pertaining to Magento development in outsourcing project management, but following the above point will put you in a advantage position.

Top 10 Tips for Custom Magento Module Development

Magento and Beyond

With more than 130,033 sites using Magento the popularity is unquestionable, but how many of them know its full potential is really a question. Magento offers most of the industry standard ecommerce features that are available in any ecommerce store by default, but one customization one gets manifold more than that. A popular ecommerce platform like Magento is in the top spot because of its flexibility and ease of implementation. With the right know-how of its robust power one is sure to generate more sales more effectively. There are modules available in the platform and in this post certain tips are shared to customize them for optimum result generation out of the portal.


The CMS part of Magento is always considered best in the class as it fits the demand of any store owner. The whole look, content and feature of the portal can be controlled from this panel and for making he most of it the customization of high level can be implemented.

Here are some of the major tips while performing customization:

1. Personalized Configuration settings:
Every business and different and so is its needs. You must configure the settings based on your business model and that can be easily implemented in Magento. One can configure script options according to their requirements. They just need to Navigate to System -> Configuration.

2.  Modify home page texts and store name the way you like:

For going ahead with the customization makes sure to have Photoshop available with you. This is because in the initial design .PSD file you need to integrate the texts with right fonts that are stored in the location ‘sources/fonts’ folder. After that you need to shift your concentration to the name changing part of the store and putting the logo. Save all these and transport all of them in your Magento admin panel under the design segment for getting a new customized look.

3. Learn how to customize HTML Title and Meta Data.

For this segment you need to proceed towards admin panel of your Magento based store. Once logged in enter CMS segment over there click on ‘manage page’ and from there on start with page customization. Every type of pages are visible over here you can edit the Meta title, description and keywords from here only adding value to your SEO effort. In general it is wise to keep the length in between 60-80 for Meta title and 150-160 for description.

4. Tips for managing Static blocks

With this one you can make sure to edit the footer segment which has integrated portions for link embedding and texts. There is option of social media logos integration too via plugins related to this context. Get your desired footer or any other block on the site structure with the help of this option.

5. Add polls to your portal.

Adding and controlling poll is quite an easy task with poll manager. Make sure to edit and then from this segment define the visibility quotient and running time.

 6. Most important part is Categories and Products.

This is the crucial part for which all the efforts are put together. Every store owner ensures that the customization level in this segment is top-notch and this gets done in Magento via following steps.

First open Catalog section -> Manage Categories.  From here one can create a new category. “Name” it as per your business requirement. To make the category visible to all users make it “active“.

Now add products in the category. Go to Catalog -> Manage Products section. Click on the “Add Products” button. “New Product” page will come in front of you. In here fix product attributes. Make sure to add product details like description, number of units available and SKU. Once all these parts are covered save it. Extra options like Google map, review, images, and tags can also be utilized as per your store structure.
While performing all these tasks make sure to tally your stock with your ecommerce portal number showing with each product and also makes sure to keep updating the price aligned with the global market to be in business. Expert Magento customization India makes sure to deliver all these ensuring complete security.

Magento Product

7. Test before going live:

Different modules are like the building blocks of any ecommerce online portal. And so it is very much wise to test them prior to integrating them in the online store for efficient functioning.

8. Agile Promotion Management needed.

An added advantage in the Magento admin panel is the part through which you can set promotions. This keeps the customers hooked to your brand and you get to define the rules.

9. Get right report

Graphical reports of any business season can be obtained from Magento CMS. One just needs to go to “reports” for seeing all these. Make sure to set right parameter for getting the right reports as this data will help you in taking business decisions.

10. Choose hosting wisely.

Hosting is like the ground on which your store stands. When every part is checked and covered make sure to go ahead with a hosting provider who can handle large amount of traffic that you expect your site to have.

Why Customization is Fun for Magento Programmers

Often people ask developers what does entice you so much for being in love with Magento while in an E-commerce project? The answer is simple, ‘it’s the Lego block of Ecommerce platform industry’. One can twist and turn any way they want suiting their needs while being in an Ecommerce project using Magento.  A simple fact shared in this context might add more value to the scene.  People in the age group of 70-80 year also are now conversant with the concept of online shopping and know the term E-commerce. But, not many of them know about Magento as such, but if we see the trend than it is clearly visible that almost one third of the Ecommerce sites globally present are built upon Magento. More than 2 million plus downloads can never be wrong.


26.2% of the market in under the authority dominance of Magento. All versions of Magento have 31.4% in total market coverage which keeps it miles ahead in the competition with other counterparts. Along with that Google trends traffic flow has unanimously kept it ahead of all others.

   Magento ecommerce(Please click on the image for Large Size)

  • Why developers prefer Magento?

There are multitude reasons behind the fact both technically and professionally. First let’s talk about the professional angle. Every Magento programmer or developer respects a basic fact that where there is more work for doing one must try to learn that trade. A simple statistics shared by oDesk will put great deal of light on the topic. The rate of project being posted in the platform related with Magento is much more than osCommerce, Zencart or any other ecommerce supporting platform. This undoubtedly acts as the deal closer.

Technically speaking there are several added benefits and customization advantages which are present only with Magento while doing an ecommerce project and this lures developers to this name. Flexibility, ease of operation and power is what is offered by Magento and hence fun is just a part of the game while using it. Among some of the finest features for which Magento is preferred maximum few are below.

  1. Custom Development Scope: You talk with any developer or programmer and they will tell you that we can only do this level of customization with this platform, but with Magento they never say so. This is because of the flexibility feature of this one, client goes for Magento and seeks ultimate design or functionality which needs to be custom built. Performance wise this goes miles ahead of other undoubtedly.
  1. Improve Modular Architecture: Removing and moving a module of the portal is piece of cake with Magento. Automatic updating of the extensions and plugins keeps the nerve of store owner cool. Plugins are customization which gives the power of boosting up the functionality of store.
  1. Functioning and Scalability: The success of an ecommerce store lies in its responding time and Magento decreases that by almost 20% which means people can take decision in less time.
  2. Many other: Multi-language Store feature lets developers integrate almost 60 different languages. This helps businesses to reach out a large target audience. The templates of Magento are totally customizable, etc

The list can go on, but to begin with this much is enough. At the closing part one more thing to share which might again make adrenaline rush.

Creating the Right Promotional Strategy with Magento

Ecommerce Exposure – The Keyword to Conversion

There has been a steady stream of trends that has grappled eCommerce for the last couple of years and that reflects on the way it has evolved in the most dynamic aspect of the online space. It is imperative to say that the competitiveness of the various platforms makes it hard for new retailers to get a firm foothold in the market. Magento has emerged as a medium that has been relied as an efficient marketing vertical. Augmenting the exposure of the web-stores plays a vital part in the eCommerce viability of brands. Targeted traffic generation within stipulated time frame is necessary to garner much needed leads in the online space and Magento exponents are apt at doing the same effectively with some tested marketing tips.

The eCommerce strategizing for Magento

In the core of any eCommerce success lays a sound strategy which effectively answers a gamut of questions pertaining to brand exposure. The primary goal of any eCommerce endeavor is thus to relay an effective strategy form the start. Here are some of the insights that will help one formulate the right strategies for their Magento Web-store marketing.

  • Setting object oriented milestones: Time/object oriented marketing works best in the online space and that effectively means that the online marketers must be crystal clear about the performance milestones. Relaying the brand marketing aesthetics to the various elements of the marketing plan is necessary to streamline performance. Be it click-to-conversion ratio or the leads generated from social media, effective strategizing is the key to online survival.
  • Being versatile: It is a fool’s errand to hold on to one medium of exposure. Rather it is effective to mix up in terms of promotion platforms. Having a flexible marketing plan is thus necessary.
  • PPC: Yes, PPC is the keyword to online exposure nowadays and Magento provides impetus to use it effectively. In fact the integrated PPC campaigns can effectively position the webstores in favorable positions in search engine finds. The high audience targeting attribute of PPC is also perfect for eCommerce. It is to be noted that PPC budget is often integrated with the online marketing budget of firms. That way, it is also important to stress on the organic exposure of the webstores by the tried and tested SEO techniques.

In common paradigm, Magento provides a lot of means to promote the webstore’s offerings in the online space, but specific targeting is necessary still to attain the desired result or in simpler words ROI.



New Features for Your Magento Mobile App

Native mobile App from Magento- The one stop eCommerce Solution

Magento has staked its claim as a major eCommerce player gradually since its inception. The main facet driving the bandwagon forward is the constant upheaval of features that have become a constant feature of Magento. Aiding the cause of the end users with better interactivity has always been the forte of the platform. In line with this commitment Magento has rolled up new updates at regular intervals to satiate the growing need of the internet retail population.

A major trend in eCommerce recently has been to bridge the gap between real time shopping experience and its online variants. While many will vouch for the viability of real time purchases, the difference between the two is fast diminishing. The native Magento Mobile is developed and integrated to the Magento mainframe with this very objective- to become a one stop mobile retailing junction. A host of features has been integrated to the app to make it beneficial for the merchants and consumers alike.

  • Integration with inventory-management system: The app being actively integrated to the inventory provides up to date stock notification to the consumers without any lag time. For example, an “out-of-stock” notification will pop up when limited products are asked for. From the merchant’s ends, this also helps them to segment their inventory and make them live on the web-stores effectively.
  • Automatic wish list update: The new app does an intelligent job of making wish list synchronization possible. For example, when someone makes a purchase on an item in their wish list, the item is automatically removed from wish list once purchase is completed.
  • Enhanced payment support: The new release comes to the aid of the consumers by accepting a gamut of store credit and gift cards. It is to be noted that PCI compliance, have also got a facelift with Magento Payment Bridge.
  • Order details and rating: The comprehensive order details are now at the fingertips of the consumers. One can write a product review n a purchased item right from the Smartphone, using the app in contention.
  • App behavior preview:This is good news for the app developers and online merchants. Before making the app live one has the option to check their behavior and operating with the online store. This does cut out on the surprise quotient to a considerable bit.

Endowed with such capabilities, it is imperative to say that the Magento Mobile App is another feather in the hat of the eCommerce giant.

Ecommerce Module – Regulating the Present and Future of an Ecommerce Business

For any online business to make a mark amongst its competitors, e-commerce development is an essential aspect. Magento e-commerce development plays a significant role in accomplishing business/promotional needs due to the set of intuitive features that come inherent to Magento. No wonder, with Magento, it becomes easier for the sites to be developed and customised as per the client’s requirements.

How can a Magento e-commerce module be helpful?

Modules are set to render user-friendliness to website and the shopping cart that are built on Magento have the modules that – in addition to many possibilities – help build individual profiles that aid customers to develop their accounts that are unique and make the website easy-to-access.

The modules help the customers to add items into their cart and subscribe to a safe payment measure before they logout. Initially the clients are required to list out their requirements so that the developers understand the needs and specifications and start working accordingly. The development team takes up the responsibility of development and communicates with the client as times for a desired output. While modules are devised to render efficiency to a website, it takes a team of efficient Magento website/e-commerce developer to help a website express itself through the modules.


Magento Developers Paradise is to be Held this September

Developers Paradise, one of the most important conferences for magento developers, is going to start in three weeks in Palma de Mallorca. On Dated September 16th to 19th 2013.

According to a declaration available on the official site of the event, “You can look forward to a lively exchange of experiences, a high-quality program, varied free-time activities, common hack-sessions and lots of networking this year.”

Topics to be covered: On September 17th, it’s all about “mobile and performance” and the day after that we focus on “testing and processing”.

Developers Paradise has always been amazing platform for Magento developers to become friends or business partner. Attendees can look forward to a lively exchange of experiences, a high-quality program, varied free-time activities and lots of networking this year. Especially the knowledge exchange around Magento has priority during the conference. Besides lectures and discussions, it is planned to have common hack-sessions for the event.

In the last couple of Magento Programmers Paradise events, people became friends or business partner and we want to maintain these relationships. The company is even willing to give away group discounts or special prizes for groups; as they thought this would be a great option for a big group of 5 to 10 people.

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Boost Your Online Sales With Magento Web Development

Magento functions as an enriched e-commerce solution that offers complete flexibility and control over the appearance, functionality, and content of your online store. It allows for full control over their online store operations to merchants that acts as pivotal in booming their online stores. There are many companies like that offers Magento web development company in India that has an expert team of Magento developers who are extensively experienced and have expert knowledge in their fields.Some of the Magento development services offered by these India-based IT companies are Magento e-commerce website development, custom module development, custom theme designing and integrating existing designs, configuring online shopping store designing custom landing pages, payment gateway integration, third party CMS integration, shipping method integration, Magento skinning, migrating BigCommerce and ZenCart website to Magento and many more custom Magento requirements. Employing some of the best minds in the industry as Magento developers, the IT professionals, working under the banner this company, have carved a niche place among those who look for best of the breed IT support and solutions. Besides, the company also offers Custom Magento Web Development, as per their clients.

The company doesn’t make any compromise on the quality standards and offers their clients flexible schemes. The existing Magento developers here better understand the business requirements and offer their services at very affordable prices. The team of professionals provides the services on hourly basis, part time and full time. Their main goal is to give their clients competitive edge and want them to be equipped with standardized features.