Monthly Archives: May 2011

Make a Shopping Store on Magento

Installing Magento CMS
There are many walk through tutorial available over the web to guide on how to Install/Upload a new Magento. Once done, log in to your admin and go to the CMS tab and then manage pages. you may follow the step by step procedures as listed below-

  • template installation
  • configuration settings
  • changing store‚Äôs name and placing appropriate content
  • optimize title & metadata
  • organizing categories and products

Choosing hosting provider
It’s easy and comfortable to choose a cheap hosting provider from google result pages but costing could not be the only criteria everytime. Hence check that the hosting provider you have selected has enough security measures to ensure that your data is completely protected.

SEO settings and store promotions
When you are finished with configuring the site, please ensure you are also following SEO tips to make your product eligible to rank in search engines.