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Design your E-store the way you like it

Magento design service is an easy thing to explore by the developers. Magento offers themes, templates, skins etc that help the developers to devise an ecommerce website with better looks and feels. The importance of Magento ecommerce solution is growing with the passing time and there is hardly any e-shop owner who doesn’t want to possess a Magento based website. Magento developer community is actively participating in up-grading the kind of offerings Magento is offering and this is adding up in the popularity of the tool. Further, a Magento design company offers a lot of customization and integration on themes, templates and stores. Customization play an important role in popularizing the tool and you will get product related themes or templates here, so the site will perfectly sync with the product or service categories you are offering.

Shopping cart integration is the most talked about feature of Magento web site design. The flexibility of a Magento shopping cart excites the dealer as well as the buyers. As a buyer you can add more than one item in the cart and pay for them as a whole at the time of signing out. Another most recent and exciting thing that a Magento site proffers is the ability of a newly crafted web store to be connected with existing old stores. You can access customization here as well and decide upon which stores or what parameters of a store you want to connect with your site. The huge Magento directory will sport an array of templates, themes, integrations and extensions to help you further. Moreover, for any complexity you can contact the online Magento community and resolve your problems within no time. This is a user friendly tool and the owner of the websites can do the desired customization by their own, without taking any help from a programmer.

Magento: Abilities Are Endless!

A Magento developer offers a lot of functionalities that allures a business website owner. Apart from Magento theme integration, there are few unique qualities that Magento only can offer you. Some of them are listed below:

  • Shipping facility to multiple addresses given in one order
  • Configuration for varied payment extensions
  • Customer service and customer account friendly auto generation of  site map
  • Tax rate support
  • Multiple currency support
  • Offers multi-lingual support and features
  • Localization support
  • Completely Magento customization
  • Extensive order management facility
  • Offers multi-tier pricing features
  • Google checkout integration with multiple payment gateways

Apart from these there are various other characteristics as well; Magento template integration is one among them. These advanced features make a Magento website way ahead than any other business website. Some of these advance characteristics of Magento web development are listed below:

  • Specifically caters to the new generation of store owners and shoppers
  • Innovative modules that can be a part of Magento Customization
  • Search engine friendly URL’s
  • Simple execution and easy to maintain
  • Makes cross-selling on product pages a possibility
  • Integration of RSS Feeds
  • Newsletters management
  • One-click upgrades through admin panel
  • Offers multiple website control through just one administration panel

Magento websites render a professional look to your websites where Magento theme installation allows you to get your kind of a look for the website. Order editing, product browsing, shipment & payment, order tracking are few of the facilities customers get from an online shop that is based on Magento. On the other hand catalog management, order management; multiple currency support website management is the facilities that the owner can use.