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Features & Functionalities it can add to your e-store

We already know how amazing a tool Magento is and what wonderful features & functionalities it can add to your e-store. Magento CMS and Magento customized solutions based on Zend framework are helping online businesses to gain the right kind of characteristics which are making both users and admin happy. Apart from the general plus points that Magento brings, there are few extra boasts that make Magento an even more alluring platform. Let’s discuss few of them here:

  • Customizable Templates For Everything:
    Magento ecommerce development is specially known for its templates which help the developers to enjoy a big break from boring codes. Magento proffers different templates for different elements. These customizable templates can be found for contact forms, product display, shipping updates as well as overall look and presentation.
  • Customer Relationship Management Tool:
    Surprisingly Magento also works as a customer relationship management tool. When a visitor comes to a Magento based web store and registers himself/herself the website’s site manager saves those contact details along with customer’s contact information, products viewed by them, their current shopping cart, their wish list and more. This information is helpful for the administrator of the site as he/she can send latest newsletters to the customers depending upon their subscriptions as well as their product quests.
  • Content Management Tool:
    Another enticing feature of Magento development is that it works as a CMS where it offers the ability to customize the visible content including the copy, layout, images and other assets. Magento intuitive background allows you to edit and manage the content.

In addition to the discussed elements, Magento websites also come with an amazing “dial up” feature where the administrator by using the backend interface can book an item if the customer calls up with a special requirement. This interface also allows adding new customers and accessing the orders of registered customers. Contact Magento Authority now.

Magento Ecommerce Development is the Choice for You

Magento is the tool that everyone is willing to use as a development technique when it comes to ecommerce website development. The customization ability of Magento open-source platform is helping all to get their types of abilities added on the websites. Magento ecommerce development and customization are popular among developers as well as the prospected e-store owners as they enjoy this upper-hand of customization on every stage of the development.


An owner can add his type of additions on the website and can enjoy full control on the admin panel as well. Further this is a SEO friendly open-source platform, thus promoting the website on search engine will be a hassle free task. Website development is not a costly affair any more. And as out-sourcing came into existence, the task has become even more affordable. India is the perfect place where you should give your task of developing a Magento website. Adding Magento shopping cart with fewer errors is an easy task for Indian developers. And moreover you will be saving up to 40% of the development cost if you are working with an India website development firm.


The Magento modules, templates, integrations and various other abilities of this particular development tool have made it an alluring option. The online community of Magento developers is a great place from where you can get instant helps as many developers keep them online and they answer to people’s online queries. This is certainly a yet another unique and stupendous ability that comes with Magento.