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Magento & AspDotNetStorefront Data Feed Services: Increase Traffic & Generate Sales

If you’re an online merchants and making use of Magento commerce & AspDotNetStorefront e-commerce platforms, the new product data feed submission service could be of high use for you. The service allows for an automated and daily submission of product data to the shopping search engines with a view to driving traffic and generating sales on the website of the retailers.

The advanced & avant-garde data feed engine goes through product data from the catalog of the merchant making use of a product data export script copied to the web server of  store. Utilizing the raw data created by this script, the system, thereafter, is able to create more than 20 different feed formats. The feeds are easy-to-set up online but for

The submission of these product feeds enables online retailers to gain free clicks from shopping engines that don’t charge for listings, like Bing Shopping, TheFind, Google Product Search, and GoShopping. Cost-per-click advertising could be carried out in other key shopping channels such as PriceGrabber/Yahoo Shopping, NexTag,, Shopzilla, etc.

In addition to all these, the feed service renders a lot of attributes for the optimization of product listings. Other product features such as: manufacturer part number, brand and category, could be submitted for augmented search engine ranking. Product listings could automatically be divided into variations for each color and size. Moreover, products links could be incorporated with 3rd party analytics tools such as Google Analytics. So, the above-mentioned features of the product are new gems added into Magento. It will help provide the Magento SEO expert to make a niche in the online world.

Magento ExactTarget Integration: Facilitating Better Online Retailer & Consumer Communication

Magento-Exact Target integration that has been introduced by Metrics Marketing Group, an analytics-driven database marketing and interactive services firm; is seeming to be the next big thing in global ecommerce scenario. This integration is means to enable merchants to create, deploy & track transactional emails. And this can be done straight from the Magento platform. By introducing this new phenomenon to the Magento driven ecommerce industry, the company has become the first in the group of Magento development community to produce something truly remarkable like Exact Target.

Exact Target Integration: Exceptionally Beneficial For Online Merchants:

Magento Exact Target integration is targeted to the merchants who are selling their products and services using a Magento powered platform. This integration will help them to facilitate their customers with better shopping experience. This integration will help the merchants to deliver targeted, relevant emails based on behavioral and transactional data of their respective customers. With this functionality, merchants can address abandoned shopping carts by employing highly effective and engaging emails to customers automatically. The integration offers more than 29 different triggered emails including newsletters, new order, order update, shipment update and more.

The main motto behind creating this highly acclaimed integration is to help the merchant creating precise triggered and transactional emails. The award winning email platform of Exact Target helps the merchants to do the tasks in a better way. Exact Target is in a process of undergoing regular up-gradations, however, it is now available for Magento community, professionals and enterprises. With the introduction of Magento Exact Target integration, it can be believed that online retailers will experience “one-of-a-kind” customer relationship and both retailers & customers will enjoy improved interaction.