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Magento Integration – Adding Customer Credit Feature on Your Stores

It’s a good idea to hire a Magento extension developer that can suggest you to use the extension for using the credit units along with other forms of payments on your web stores.

How Magento Customer Credit Extension Is Beneficial

The Magento customer credit extension can help in improving the overall customer experiences. If you do not have the option to use credit units in your online stores, you can ask your Magento extension developer to have it added. With Extension v1.5.0 update, customers can purchase the credits by signing in to their accounts. Alternatively, you can even promote it as standalone product on your home page.

You can assign one credit point for one equivalent base currency of your choice. Such Magento integration allows for easy reporting system, were the site admin can get a complete report on the back-end. You could keep track of credit balances quite easily. You might have to create a page to explain the terms and conditions of buying and using the credits, but it is a one-time task.

Integrating Magento

With this Magento integration, you can make the credits applicable on the checkout section according to your marketing strategies. For example, you can let your customers purchase products using those credits, or you can save the shipping charges through these credits.

You could also process the refund requests through the credit points. In a way, you will still have a certain level of binding with your existing customers by introducing this policy. You can also use credit units for one-off promotions and discount offers too. Click here for more information.