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Some of the Best Magento E-commerce Plug-ins for your Online

The plug-ins is the most brilliant part of a Magento platform. They allow you to control all aspects of their online store including website management, catalogue browsing, product browsing, international support, offering discounts, promotions, and lot more. Some of the most effective and useful Magento ecommerce plug-ins that are an absolute must for your online store are discussed below.

Auto CrossSell Products

This plug-in is absolutely essential for those looking to automate their product cross sell process. It is indispensable for all to have this plug-in who are planning to have bigger online stores. When handling various products at a time, this plug-in can help the administrators in streamlining the entire process.

Lazzymonks Twitter

This plug-in allows you to stay connected with your customers on Twitter in a very simple manner. This most widely used plug-in allows you to tweet easily from the admin.

Advance Sitemap

All you online store owners out there know how difficult a task it is to create a sitemap for Magento development. By using the Advance Sitemap plug-in, one can generate a sitemap in the simplest of manner possible. This can then be submitted either to Google or any of the other preferred search engines.

J2T Points & Rewards Plugin

The J2T Points & Rewards Plug-in is the one to be used if you want your customers to keep visiting your online store again and again! This plug-in helps you reward your customers giving them a reason to be loyal and happy! Happy customers are likely to bring more customers to your store. Great, isn’t it!

Fooman Google Analytics Plus

Tracking your users’ behavior is as important as getting them onboard. Go and get the Fooman Google Analytics Plus to get useful information about the behavior of your users. Apart from increasing your sales volume, this plug-in also offers you an option to track Adword conversion for purchase.

Canonical URLs for Magento

All your worries about duplication of content on your website can now be put to rest! The Canonical URLs for Magento development Plug-in, available for free, helps you avoid the mundane task of setting canonical tags manually every time new products are added in your Magento ecommerce website.