Magento Maintenance

Magento Maintenance & Upgrade

We offer Magento Maintenance service, tailored according to the clients needs.

Magento Maintenance And Upgradation

If you own a Magento based e-commerce website then one thing that would perennially be a bug bear is the up-gradation of the software. It is more often than not considered as a cumbersome process to maintain and upgrade a website every-time a new up-gradation is announced. This is actually where we excel over others. We are well aware of the fact that Magento keeps on releasing newer versions of its software periodically to account for the shortcomings in the previous versions. Thus care needs to be taken that the maintenance and the up-gradation of your Magento powered e-commerce website is done effectively. So whether it is the store, e-commerce, shopping cart, or the online shop you can trust us for all your Magento maintenance needs. The range of maintenance services that we offer to our clients are:

  • Upgrades and Updates
  • Module Installations
  • E-mail Changes
  • Template Changes
  • Payment Gateways
  • Upgradtion to Magento connect Module
  • Product Additions
  • CMS Pages
  • Google Analytics
  • XHTML/ CSS Change


We highly recommend that the stabilized non-beta version of the software is installed so that the up-gradation can take place easily. We also advise that a backup database of the your entire store is maintained before the up-gradation is actually carried on. We offer our world class online as well as onsite periodic maintenance of your store. This also includes quality downloading support as well as installation assistance. We also offer our 24 hours helpline to you that would assist you in your usage. You can also rest assured regarding the support services for the extensions, integration, modules, templates, and not to forget the SEO as promised to our clients.

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