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Magento SEO Optimization on a shopping store with the implementation of specialized techniques requires extensive knowledge about the configuration settings in the CMS. The process of Magento Services for site SEO is different from optimizing a general static website with few html pages. These are systematically built ecommerce sites with specific product catalogues, and though this open source platform offer strong SEO support, you will still need an expert to make the best out of it.

Google Panda Update

Most of the people related to online world are aware of the dreading Google's Panda algorithm update, which have changed the directions and understanding of SEO. This update was also known as the FARMER UPDATE and it strictly prohibited content farming. Many websites were pulled down for copying content from other websites and using them after reworking them in various ways, from Google's SERPs.

This update has changed many popular SEO techniques and has introduced new ecommerce sites and online shopping stores. Those that worked with templates and offered very light fresh content on pages during navigations were the ones to be affected by panda the most. Their recovery required many settings that were suggested by Google. These setting were meant to convey the idea to the algorithms that the websites are naturally this way and that farming was not at all practiced. For Magento websites, these settings has further many implications and complications to we intend to solve for our clients

Google Adsense & Google Analytics

Why earn money just by selling products, when you can also earn by just displaying them to your users? And this can only be possible through Google Adsense. Magento supports many Google channels, most important of which are Google Analytics and Google Adsense. It helps provide high-end setting and configuration to support GATC and Adsense codes. Though, you may require the help of a professional to implement it.

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